Omnichannel partner


When N-Allo was founded in 1999, almost all customer contact took place over the phone. Now, in 2018, we are a fully-fledged interaction centre offering companies a full range of service options: not just telephone services, but also e-mail, text messaging, chat (proactive and responsive), self-care, IVR and social media (Twitter and Facebook) solutions. This has put us in an excellent position to assist your customers today.



Focus on innovation

Waarom N-Allo?

Innovation plays a key role at N-Allo. The best example of that would be our cross-departmental innovation platform. The platform highlights new ideas within our company culture, lets employees support one another’s idea and enables us to develop the most efficient working methods for your customers. 



Customer-focused technology


N-Allo has built up years of expertise in simplifying the interfaces that our customer advisors use each day. All of our back-end systems were developed using a customer-focused approach, which further enhances the customer experience.

On May 27, 2015, N-Allo won another Award in the Best Partnership category for the launch of an online customer community.


A certified partner

N-Allo was the first player on the Belgian market to be awarded European EN 15838 quality certification, thus cementing its reputation as a contact centre offering excellent added value.

N-Allo is also FSMA-certified for the sale of financial products. N-Allo scrl is registered in the FSMA’s register of intermediaries in consumer credit as a “consumer credit broker”. We have a team of customer advisors trained by Febelfin and accredited as per the Willems Act.

Financially robust

N-Allo has gradually increased its turnover over the 17 years of its existence, an approach that has made it the reliable, financially robust player it is today.


Professional reporting and analysis

Measurement is the key to knowledge! Our highly professional reporting enables us to better serve our customers and continuously optimise our services.


References in a range of sectors

Ever since it was founded, N-Allo has always had activities in various sectors, including the public sector, the telecommunications sector and the banking and insurance sector.