Webcare has become a vital link in any omnichannel strategy. Customers expect to receive immediate online assistance with their enquiries at any time of the day or night.

N-Allo offers the following applications to improve your customers’ online experience:

  • The click-to-call application enables customers to call from your website or another mobile application;
  • The video call application lets customers make a video call that brings them into direct, face-to-face contact with our customer advisors;
  • The click-to-chat application launches a chat session at the customer’s initiative or via a pop-up (e.g. the customer visits one of your product pages and, after one minute, sees a pop-up inviting them to complete the sale in a chat session);
  • The Traffic Light function provides an overview of the availability of your customer service team;
  • The call-back option lets customers choose a time for someone to call them back;
  • Finally, proactive chat lets you talk to sales leads through your website.

When developing our webcare tools, we always focus on offering customer-oriented solutions at the lowest possible cost.