Unified Desktop Application

The Unified Desktop Application gives customer advisors a clear overview of all of a customer’s information and data on a single screen as soon as an incoming call from that customer is connected. That way, the customer advisors can immediately handle customers’ questions and their most common requests.

All complex IT systems (e.g. CRM systems, ERPs, collection systems, stock systems) are integrated into the application in a clear, simple way, enabling us to enhance the quality of your customer interactions cost-effectively. Customer needs and expectations are always our primary concern when we develop new solutions.

This service-oriented model allows you to provide services through various communication channels:

  • Cut interaction handling times;
  • Better identify sales opportunities;
  • Gain a full overview of your customer;
  • Personalise interactions;
  • Let customer advisors focus on customer needs and not on procedures;
  • Reduce training time for customer advisors;
  • Boost response quality.

All in all, the UDA interface guarantees more efficient customer interactions and, in turn, higher customer satisfaction.