Social media engagement

These days, customers expect to receive immediate online assistance with their enquiries at any time of the day or night. But do you have the staff and resources to cope with a heavy flow of online messages about your brand?

N-Allo got on board with social media a couple of years ago and built up a full Dutch- and French-speaking social media team to help you process large volumes of online messages about your brand quickly and efficiently.

We are also fully equipped to manage customer expectations by adding response times and ‘solution times’ to your service level analyses.

Has your company ever asked itself these questions?

  • What are my customers talking about?
  • Do we offer personal online service?
  • When there is a crisis, are we the first to know?
  • Am I wasting time with my current social customer service offering?
  • And where is there room for digital innovation?

If so, then we are sure that combining the advantages of all our social media monitoring platforms and N-Allo’s proven service expertise will enable you to find all the answers and solutions you need to provide top-notch social media services to supplement your current customer services.