Round-the-clock assistance

Nowadays, customers want to be able to contact customer services with their enquiries at any time of the day or night. Do you have trouble supporting your customers outside of office hours? If so, N-Allo can help! We can offer high-quality customer service that acts as an extension of your own customer service department.

Over the past few years, N-Allo’s round-the-clock assistance team has worked on a range of projects from various sectors, including the real estate and energy sectors, so we have the experience we need to bring your project to a successful conclusion.

As well as providing round-the-clock customer service, it goes without saying that N-Allo offers round-the-clock telephone assistance to help your customers with their enquiries outside of office hours.

We will determine the following with you:

  • Composition of your assistance team of four to five customer advisors;
  • Method and frequency of reporting;
  • Price of our round-the-clock assistance service.

Our approach

In a bid to manage all our 24/7 assistance projects in an efficient and structured way, we study each project carefully to determine how we could reduce the number of customer enquiries with IVR (Interactive Voice Response). This approach enables us to filter off a large share of customer enquiries before they are passed on to a customer advisor. The customised IVR message corresponds as closely as possible to the situation underway.