N-Allo WhatsApped!

This week, N-Allo started offering a new channel of communication.

Social media are very much alive and continuing to grow. For several years now, N-Allo has been managing customer contacts via Facebook Messenger, Facebook and Twitter on behalf of Client-Principals as well as in conventional ways. Well, now these channels of communication are being joined by a new one: WhatsApp.

social mediaFrederic Blondeel, Teamcoach Social Media, says: “We’re very proud, as one of the first contact centres, to be able to roll out this new channel. For our Client-Principals’ end users it’s a handy and accessible additional channel of communication to use. For us, the advent of WhatsApp doesn’t make much difference to how we work. As with all the other channels, WhatsApp messages arrive here via a centralizing tool. And like any other queries, they’re answered carefully and respectfully. That’s something we’re really good at”.

Our employees always work in twos, one for each language. This way they can respond extremely fast and consult each other if necessary.

Customer Advisor Kathy De Decker adds: “Right from the word go, this new channel of communication proved a big hit. My colleague and I are messaging constantly. Our customer response time is incredibly fast. Which all seems logical to me, since WhatsApp messages, just like text messages, reach people quickly and directly”.

How does it work? It’s very simple. Our Client-Principals’ end customers click on the Whatsapp icon and are assigned a QR code, which they scan. They can then send us a WhatsApp message straight away. For users with smartphones it’s even easier. They simply click on the WhatsApp icon on our Client-Principal’s website (or in its app), and can then WhatsApp with us.

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