Communication platform

N-Allo uses an innovative communication platform that allows genuine convergence and integration of the various communication channels we offer (phone, e-mail, text message, chat, social media).

Thanks to our Customer Interaction Centre platform, a single, user-friendly system encompassing our inbound, outbound, e-mail, fulfilment and recording applications, we can easily adapt our omnichannel strategy to cater to your individual requirements.

What are the benefits of this innovative communication platform?

  • Full Voice Over IP (VOIP): with a basic IP connection, you can use our technology without having to worry about installation, maintenance, or anything like that;
  • SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is supported;
  • Multichannel routing allows consistent service across all communication channels (telephone, e-mail, text message, chat, social media);
  • Use of a single system for all locations gives you a better insight into your service traffic;
  • The platform offers a real-time overview of your customer interactions, allowing us to adapt for even greater efficiency;
  • A customer-centric approach thanks to skill-based routing of phone calls and e-mail;
  • The overflow option allows departments and sites support one another and help out at busy times or in the event of a crisis;
  • Interactive Voice Response: this enables us to drastically reduce the number of telephone interactions.