N-Allo helps brands to manage their interactions with customers through a wide array of communication channels: telephone (both inbound and outbound), e-mail, chat, Internet, text message and social media (Twitter & Facebook).

N-Allo aims to be an end-to-end supplier and always centres its services on the needs of its clients. Whether you are looking to acquire new customers or retain existing ones, build up knowledge about all your customers or develop customer-focused interfaces, N-Allo will manage all your projects with the utmost care and attention, right down to the tiniest detail.

N-Allo also ensures full compliance with all European and Belgian legislation.

Nouveaux clients

Acquiring new customers

Looking to turn leads into sales? Then let N-Allo devise a winning campaign for you!


Customer surveys

Detailed customer surveys are essential. N-Allo would be glad to help you with both database enhancement and market research.

Satisfaction du client

Customer satisfaction

The value of customer loyalty cannot be overstated. N-Allo can help you to build long-term customer loyalty to your brand and your company.


Boosting sales

Every interaction with a customer is a sales opportunity!

Customer Care

Customer Care

Do your customers have questions about their invoices or one of your services? Or are you on the lookout for an expert partner to offer your customers round-the-clock assistance?



Thanks to our unique customer service know-how, we at N-Allo are also experts in developing custom applications for our customer advisors.